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Passing on a note from Fr. Justin.
We are offering Mass at St. Claire’s Basilica tomorrow morning for the repose of the soul of Eddie Russell. I feel he lived with such a burden – his need to, personally protect the Church from heresy. I am sure he is understanding and experiencing Unconditional Love and Divine Peace.
Fr. Peter Whitely was the Vicar of the Archdiocese who supported Eddie Russell from inside the structure of the Church. He did whatever he could to stop our ministry in the Archdiocese and he accepted a false accusation about a wonderful young priest, Fr. Joe (from Viet Nam). Details of Fr. Joe’s death are not fully known but the rule is that if you are accused, you are out. We don’t know if Fr. Joe took his own life or not (he was found dead in his bed the day after the accusation was made public. I believe that he could not imagine living outside his commitment as a priest – and if you are accused, you’re out!
Thousands attended Fr. Joe’s funeral (as did the Archbishop).
I will be offering Mass for Fr. Joe, Eddie Russell, Peter Whitely, the Archbishop and all of the people who suffered from this terrible turn of events. Justin